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Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my showers, and designing bathrooms is one of my favorite jobs to tackle. However, I like what I like, and unfortunately, one of the things I really don’t like is a handheld showerhead. I just find them so inconvenient. After all, you want your hands free while you’re showering, don’t you? How else can you apply shampoo and condition, use body wash and shave yourself effectively?


However, just because I like alternative shower heads, that doesn’t mean that everyone has to share my tastes and preferences. Just recently, I’ve started working with a new client who wanted me to design a stylish new bathroom for her, but she has decided that what she’s looking for is a handheld showerhead. While I don’t agree with her choices, I have to repeat to myself like a mantra – the client is always right!


So, despite my misgivings, I’ve gone ahead and put some time and effort into searching for the perfect handheld showerhead to suit her attractive new bathroom. Just because I find handheld showerheads inconvenient doesn’t mean that I can’t find her something beautiful that will be an asset to her room.

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Since I’m not a big fan of the handheld shower, I wasn’t sure what I should be looking for, so I had to do some research. The good thing about handheld units is that they allow for excellent freedom of motion and are great for anyone who struggles with limited mobility such as my client. Some of the features to consider include:


Different Spray Modes


Some handheld showerheads feature multiple spray modes for a customized showering experience. With massage pulsing setting for aching muscles to a rain shower feel for a more luxurious experience, this versatility adds more pleasure to showering.




A handheld showerhead can be either mounted in the same way as a traditional shower head or just held in the hand. A hand-held shower head ensures that all parts of the body can easily be reached and the user can control the exact direction of the water spray.


Water Saving


A water saving unit can reduce the amount of flow to save on natural resources as well as water bills in metered properties.


Water Filter


A showerhead that has a water filter integrated into it can remove the harsh chemicals found in treated water for shinier hair and softer skin.

So, which are the best shower heads? I shortlisted two for her to peruse.


American Standard 5 Function Hand Shower Kit

This traditionally designed shower head features a 59” hose for extra flexibility with an easy hold ergonomically designed handle and plenty of settings. This modern unit has a stylish chrome finish while its 25” slide bar makes it attractive to use in her pretty new bathroom. The holder for this shower head also rotates and pivots for better control of the water spray and with 5 spray options, the user can benefit from a water massage, power mist or regular shower. It also features a system to increase water pressure for a more continuous flow of water. Robust and long lasting, this shower head is covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind, however, due to the many moving parts in the slide bar, it is possible that its holder will eventually loosen over time meaning that ongoing maintenance will be required to stop the shower head from falling.

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The Aquagenix Fusion 7 Setting Hand Shower

This innovative modern shower head features a refillable shower hand for purifying and conditioning the water via an activated charcoal cartridge or for having an aromatherapy shower with a scented cartridge. With many incorporated water saving features, this shower head makes saving money on water bills a breeze thanks to its pause mode and economy rain setting. It can either be used hands-free or as a hand shower for extra versatility and will fit on any standard arm for ease of installation. With several spray settings, users can choose from a massage, mist or rain setting. On the downside, the replacement cartridges for this shower head are an ongoing cost which needs to be considered.


I will present both options to her. I wonder which one she’ll choose!