What Tools Do I Need?

Many DIY projects can be carried out with only a handful of simple tools, so if you’re keen to repair items around your home, or improve its appearance, these are the basic tools you’ll need to get started.


If you shop carefully, you’ll be able to find all of these tools available for under $300, and you’ll save a lot more than that on just your first couple of projects.


Power Drill

All DIYers should invest in a high-quality power drill which can drive in bolts and screws and drill holes much more quickly than is possible using hand tools. A mid-price corded drill is a good choice for anyone who will use this tool only infrequently, however for anyone who is likely to make more use of their investment, a cordless drill is a better option. A 3/8” model which is supplied with 2 batteries or which recharges rapidly is what you should look for.


Circular Saw


If you are going to be cutting plywood or lumber, you should choose a 7 1/4” circular saw. Don’t buy a cheap model since it will lack the necessary power for some tasks. A 15 amp model which costs around $100 is the right choice.


A Level


Levels are used for determining level and plumb. There are many levels to choose from and they are available in all prices, sizes and shapes. You will probably find either a two or four-foot spirit level a good purchase, and if you are going to do plenty of remodeling of your home, both sizes are ideal. If you are looking for a model to store in a toolbox, a 9” torpedo level should suit.


Tape Measure


A 1” in width and 25 foot in length measuring tape will meet most of your measuring needs.


Stud Finder


Even a Zircon battery operated basic model is pretty reliable when it comes to ceilings and drywall.



Curved claw hammers are ideal for both driving and removing nails. Go for a tool which weighs over 16 oz and choose one with a fiberglass or steel handle.




The best screwdriver for common use is a multi-purpose model which allows for rapid switching between either a Phillips head or a straight slot model.


Utility Knife


A cheap too, but nevertheless very handy. Choose one that has a retracting blade for better safety and ensure that you regularly change your blades for the best results.



A pair of Channellock or slip-joint pliers are especially versatile and should be a key item in your toolkit.


Safety Glasses

If you are using hand tools with a high impact like hammers or any type of power tool, you should always wear eye protection.


Paint Spray Gun


If you are planning on carrying out a lot of DIY work, one item you may well want to invest in is a paint spray gun. These are the most convenient way to easily paint large furniture and will save you a lot of time as well as a lot of effort.